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Updated: Mar 30, 2020


Since starting Oh That Be Good, I have met the most incredible network of creative hustlers. From fellow bakers, to product creators, florists, stockists and more, I am in constant awe of those who have travelled this road before me.

One thing they all recognise is that sometimes all you need is someone to jump on board, say 'yes' to your ideas and figure the rest out along the way. That's what the wonderful women - Mel and Caroline - from The Posy Place did for me. As you may have figured, I love flowers and feature them as often as I can on my creations. However, as an occasional baker, it just isn't sustainable to make my way to the Sydney markets, or keep up with the bundle prices at retail rates.

I simply wanted to find a florist that had a good ethos around affordable, beautiful flowers. That's how The Posy Place came my way. I took a chance and reached out to ask if they would provide me with the flexibility of choice I couldn't get elsewhere. They agreed without hesitation, and in April, our special little partnership was formed.

So when Mel approached me to help them say 'thank you' to their customers and spread some good vibes - I just had to join in the fun. Fifty chocolate cupcakes topped with Vanilla White Chocolate or Dark Chocolate Frosting made their way with every posy ordered on Thursday 27th July. We were blown away by the response. For me, it was both scary and fulfilling all at once. Knowing that a little piece of my creativity was adding value to the florals felt incredible! I sincerely hope that everyone who received a cupcake enjoyed their treat.

Stay tuned for more stories and collaborations with The Posy Place as they grow their business across Sydney.

Received a cupcake with your posy? I would love to see photos and hear your thoughts! Drop me a note or share your photos on Instagram and tag #ohthatbegood.



I completely forgot to add my branding till my husband (an automotive whizz, not a marketer) pointed out the absence of it. The Flavourbox Australia turned around the beautiful 'Made with Love' tags in 48 hours and had it at my door in no time! These are the perks of shopping local and supporting businesses in our own backyard.

The Mondo cupcake boxes we used are of great quality and pretty to look at, but challenging to assemble. They come individually wrapped, so you have to unwrap the soft plastic packaging of each, get the boxes out, fold them up and then tape the sides before they are ready for use. Thankfully I bribed some friends with food and cake to help me out. These boxes would make for a fun family activity to assemble during weddings and events - so I would save them for those special occasions :).

I must say the amount of soft plastic packaging wrapped around every single cupcake box broke my heart a little. I promise they are off to a Red Cycle bin for safe disposal.


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