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Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Last week, the lovely Aliza of @ever_thyne_florals and I sat down for a chat on how to manage her small business. Aliza reached out as she had questions on juggling full time work and a blooming (pun-intended) side hustle. We talked about how to approach pricing her products and services whilst still feeling good about herself and doing right by her customers. We tackled the art of saying no (the hardest as you start out!) and balancing opportunities to grow whilst still valuing your time. Finally, I shared the tools and tricks that I have added to my toolbox to stay on top of everything and simplify my life.

Having chatted to many of you through my travels and here on social media, I have discovered that we all just need someone to sit down and talk about the basics. If you are one of these folks, I would love to help. As with Aliza, I can tailor our consultation based on your needs.

As an introductory investigative offer, let's meet in person and see what I can do for you. Let's have a cuppa, eat some cake (of course) and chat. Let me understand what you need and together let's make some magic for your ventures.

If you are someone that has already chatted to me about your business; then please email me or leave a note of what helped you the most here. Do keep me on my toes, so I can continue to learn and grow.


Wondering what makes this baker qualified?

I have spent most of my career helping businesses big or small optimise their strategies. I absolutely love being in the world of business, helping people transform their ideas into thriving enterprises. The knowledge I house intuitively has proven to be useful for other small business owners like me, so it feels timely to share it. I wouldn't have got here without the help of other generous souls who lent an ear and answered my questions - it's time to pay it forward.



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