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Gift Me - A Wooden Flower Press

The Earth Laughs In Flowers

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Capture the magic of Mother Nature with this keepsake Wooden Flower Press. Brought to life with our friends at The Rustic At Heart, this handmade product is a gift that keeps on giving. Forage through the wilderness or gather your edible blooms from some of nature’s caretakers scattered across the country. Pop them in the press to dry and use them to your hearts content.


Made from wood and laser engraved with a bespoke arrangement, you can proudly display this press in your home as it works its magic. It’s uses are only limited by your imagination. Adorn creations from your kitchen or play with all forms of pressed flower art.


Why launch a Flower Press?

I am aware that seasonality and price impacts our ability to access edible flowers all year round. Often, we find ourselves second guessing the expense because our usage is limited to a single creation and leftovers are inevitable. At other times, our favourite florals are only available in abundance over Spring and Summer leaving us wanting in the colder months. This press is intended to minimise waste and give your flowers a new lease on life all year round. Use it to preserve and protect flowers as you colour your world happy. 


  • Size: designed as an A4 unit (340mm x 250mm) for convenient access of  cardboard and blotting paper, whilst providing room for preserving a generous amount of blooms of all shapes and sizes.
  • Capacity: each press can fit up to two small punnets or one large punnet worth of small edible blooms (e.g. Violas, Dianthus, Stock, Cornflower, Fuchsia). The bolts are 50mm in length so you can add more layers and maximise capacity. 
  • Multi-purpose usage: the press is designed to enable safe consumption of edible flowers even after pressing. However, it is still fit for any nature lover who wishes to use this purely for preserving non-edible flowers. For your safety, edible and non-edible flowers should never be placed in the press at the same time
  • Personalisation: you can paint the engraving with watercolours to make it your own.


Kit Inclusions

  • Size: 340mm x 250mm.
  • Two pieces of 7mm thick wooden panels. (As each piece is individually engraved from raw natural timber the colours, burn depth and grain will vary from piece to piece).
  • A laser engraved top panel.
  • 4 x Bolts 50mm long.
  • 4 x Wing Nuts.
  • 6 x A4 Kraft Cardboard Sheets.
  • Instructions to press and preserve flowers.



Ships to Australia, New Zealand & Sri Lanka. This Plywood is not subject to customs restrictions and is safe to ship to New Zealand. Please enquire about shipping costs to your country if not listed.

Gift Me - A Wooden Flower Press

$85.00 Regular Price
$50.00Sale Price
  • Edible flowers are flowers and foliage intended both by Mother Nature and human farming practices to be safe for consumption. Not every flower in nature is edible, and in fact, some can be poisonous. It is important to first know which ones are safe to be consumed. You then need to ensure that these flowers are grown organically, free from harsh inedible chemicals. The following is a list of edible flower suppliers that can provide you with a safe starting point:

    There are many micro-farmers beyond this list, so do look around for suppliers in your locality to ensure freshness of product and support your community.

Free express shipping on orders over $90 Australia-wide. Automatically applies on check out. 
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