Tasting Boxes come as little presentation packs and are great as a treat for yourself or a special prezzie for a loved one.


Each box comes with three serves; one of each flavour. They are just right to feed 1-2 people. These boxes will be available for collection on 6th June. This month's flavours include:

  • Tiramisu Triple - Layers of Chocolate, Coffee and Vanilla cake, soaked in coffee syrup, filled with a coffee mascarpone and covered in vanilla buttercream.
  • Mango & Passionfruit - Cake infused with the tropical notes of T2 Black Rose Tea, dressed in passionfruit buttercream with pieces of mango in every bite.
  • Elderflower Lemon Sponge - Layers of lemon sponge, soaked in elderflower syrup and smothered in an elderflower mascarpone frosting.


These boxes are available for pick up only from Asquith. Delivery isn't available on 6th June. Please select 'free pick up' upon check out and I will be in touch to lock in a pick up time. 


How can I sample your cakes for my wedding?

I offer tasting boxes containing 3 flavours as cupcakes or slices valued at $60 (excl delivery). If you choose me to make your cake, the price of the tasting box will be deducted from your final invoice. You can pick them up from me at Hornsby one weekend. I recommend weekends as then you have plenty of cake to sample with the family and make a decision. Don't forget that if you have two or more tiers; you can play with flavours too for each - especially if you and your partner end up liking different ones.

June Tasting Box

  • These boxes are only available for local delivery or pick up. They cannot be shipped.

    Free contactless pick up welcomed from Oh That Be Good HQ in Asquith

  • All food safety and standards will be adhered to ensure safe preparation of your treats. By making this purchase you agree to Oh That Be Good's Terms & Conditions. 


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