Rugged on the outside, yet delicious on the inside, these cookies are a delightful sweet and salty treat. Brought to you with the blessing of it's creator Charlotte Ree. Perfect for gifting or stocking up in your home. Each box contains 10 biscuits. Contains dairy, gluten, nuts and eggs.



Upgrade your order to a gift pack with these optional add-ons from some of our favourite folks:

  • 1 x Saffron Cardamom Rose Blend Jar (40g). The perfect pairing for these delicate vanilla biscuits, this blend of The Chai Room brings an exotic tone with a beautiful balance of Organic Saffron, Organic Rose petals and Cardamom.
  • Set of 3 custom Wooden Coasters designed and produced exclusively for Oh That Be Good by our friends at The Rustic At Heart. Each coaster is engraved with mindful reminders 'Stay Home'; 'Be Present'; 'Give Thanks'.


These boxes are avaiable for postage or pick up. 

Bite Me - A Box of Charlotte Ree's Brown Butter, Nutella, Sea Salt Cookies

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