Gift Me - An Australian Christmas Log

A twist on the classic Yule log, this limited edition cake epitomises hope and resilience. Here exclusively for the season of giving, it can be purchased in two flavour variations: Very Cherry or Ginger Spice.


Originally created in January as an ode to the healing power of nature through the bushfire season, this cake quickly became one of the most loved designs of Oh That Be Good. The sentiments it represents still hold true as we close off the year witnessing the resilience of human kind. So, here she is, ready to adorn your Christmas table and help you celebrate survival and savour connections as you bring 2020 to a close.


Very Cherry

Bursting with flavours of an Australian summer, three layers of chocolate cake are sandwiched with cherry compote and smothered in brown butter frosting; then dressed in it’s Yuletide best. Contains: dairy, gluten, nuts and eggs.


Ginger Spice

Filled with the warmth of a white Christmas, three layers of gingerbread and chocolate cake are filled with salted caramel crisp pearls and smothered in brown butter frosting; then dressed in it's Yuletide best. Contains: dairy, gluten, nuts and eggs.


Please enquire about variations for dietary requirements.


Size & Servings

This cake is a limited edition piece available in a 6" round, serving 12-24 peopleEdible Floral decor will vary giving each cake it's own unique combination.


Local Delivery/Pick up:

  • Order's close on 15th December. 
  • This cake is available for pick up only on 23rd or 24th December.

Gift Me - An Australian Christmas Log

Pick Up Date
  • Free contact-less pick up welcomed from Oh That Be Good HQ in Asquith.

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