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  • Cake Orders: I have dietary restrictions; can you accommodate my needs?
    Please talk to me about your food restrictions and I will do my best to accommodate your needs.
  • Cake Orders: Are your cakes Halal/Kosher friendly?
    I use butter that only has vegetarian ingredients and Bulla cream which contains Halal gelatine. I don’t use alcohol in my cakes. Please note that some of the Edible Art Paint products which can be used to embellish my cakes have a small amount of alcohol (original range is 20% alcohol per bottle; metallic range has a small amount of alcohol from the confectionary glaze). Please inform me if you prefer that this isn’t used in your cakes. Vanilla cakes are flavoured with Heilala Vanilla which are Kosher Certified. Heilala Vanilla Beans, Ground Vanilla Bean Powder and Alcohol Free Pure Vanilla are Halal compliant. Heilala Vanilla Extract, Paste and Syrup are created through a unique extraction method that uses alcohol (contains not more than 10% alcohol by volume). Please inform me if you prefer that only the Halal compliant products are used in your cakes.
  • Cake Orders: Are your cakes safe to consume when pregnant?
    Congratulations on this new chapter! It’s an exciting time which also requires extra caution with what you eat. Your main concern will be frostings and fillings as cakes are cooked through. I pasteurise my buttercreams wherever possible and have carefully chosen dairy suppliers who use pasteurised milk in their products. I am happy to provide you with a list of frostings that I work with to help guide your decision on what’s best for you.
  • Workshops: Do I need to know anything about cake decorating?
    Absolutely not. The whole purpose of this workshop is to have some fun and unleash your creativity. You can pick up a few skills to take back and use at home; or simply walk away with a beautiful piece of art to show off to friends and family. Photos will be provided for inspiration. Afra and her helpers will be there to guide you along the way.
  • Workshops: What do I need at the venue for a mobile workshop?
    A long table or several tables where guests can work on their cakes. The cakes can be decorated seated or standing. A space to demonstrate the process for guests would be great too!
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