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Private Workshops

Hosted at Oh That Be Good

Why Decorating Workshops?

Good food and good company – two essential ingredients in my life growing up. As a family we connected over a meal – whether fighting my cousins for a piece of Umma’s (Dad’s mum) jaggery hoppers as a child; sipping warm milk with bananas every New Year’s Eve at Grandma and Grandpa’s house; or doing the dishes with my friends after countless meals hosted at home by Mum and Dad. Food brought us together. 


These moments are etched in my memory and over the years, have shaped my love of baking. It became completely normal to have an audience as I worked, watching the process unfold and occasionally giving it a go. I noticed that the creative process got a lot more appreciation when they saw it come together, bit by bit. Yet, the opportunity for people to give it a whirl for fun didn't exist. That was my cue to create a workshop with a difference; and so 'In Good Company' was born. Interested in booking your spot? Get in touch!

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