I Confess

Flour. Butter. Milk. Sugar. Eggs. These five ingredients have been my faithful friends in the past few years, helping me weave a touch of creativity into many celebrations. Together we've unlocked a world of delicious goodness for all those cake-worthy moments. It's now time to share a glimpse of these tasty morsels with you.


From the skills picked up as a baker's daughter (thank you daddy!) to the inspiration gathered from the talented cake makers of today - these are my confessions as a home baker.


Come journey with me as I create chaos in my kitchen, discover new recipes and curate treats that will leave you thinking "Oh! That be good!"


Afra Abdeen

Founder Oh That Be Good: Afra

My Philosophy

It's All In A Moment


The first look; the first taste; an edible memory. 


I create cakes bursting with flavour, adorned with some of nature's finest. Behind every creation is a story of the recipient. Favourite flavours, colours and designs combine to form an edible memory. I love that a humble cake allows me to be a part of your story, even for a fleeting moment.

It Takes A Village

I am committed to nurturing the small business marketplace through my purchase decisions. Businesses like mine don't operate in isolation. It really takes a little village of makers to make each other succeed. Your cakes come adorned in flowers, flavours and finishes sold by other makers that I champion based on their story or ethos.

Wherever possible, I shop local and support small. I consider myself a local of Australia, New Zealand and Sri Lanka, so you will find an influence of these places in my creationsMeet my favourite folks and the brands that I swear by here

The Enterprise


If you know me from the world of my career in Sustainable Business and Social Enterprise, you are more than likely wondering if Oh That Be Good is set up as one. I spent a lot of time before officially launching, trying to think of a way to make it fit as a social enterprise. There was too much reverse engineering and philanthropy, less 'enterprise' in everything I saw. So I dialled it all back to just starting. I want to connect, listen, understand and organically design solutions that serve a need and feel right for me to champion. 

The more I learn about this incredible community, the more I see opportunities to support each other. I have spent most of my career helping businesses big or small optimise their strategies. I absolutely love being in the world of business, helping people transform their ideas into thriving enterprises. The knowledge I house intuitively has proven to be useful for other small business owners like me, so I work to share it with my community through transparent conversations and my latest offering Oh That’s Business.