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Updated: Mar 30, 2020

The incredible design work of Australia's talented bakers and curators constantly adorn my newsfeed and leave me wishing I could do that too. So when Cakes by Cliff launched his 2016 Sweet Sessions in Sydney, I cleared my calendar and bought that ticket!

This watercolour workshop in collaboration with Don't Tell Charles sold out in 10 minutes; and yes, I was that person refreshing my feed on the hour to book a spot :D.

Thao and Cliff are amazing teachers and incredibly patient. They walked us through everything which made me appreciate how much more there is to a recipe beyond the words on a page. I loved that they were willing to share some of the secrets to their success. The day was so well thought out and the kitchens at Williams Sonoma Bondi stunning to work in.

I had the best time meeting the other uber talented bakers from all over Australia too. There sure is a brilliant community of creatives out there. If you are an avid baker, I absolutely recommend attending one of these workshops just to add to your repertoire and meet some like minded souls for an unforgettable experience! Here are some photos from my day.


My cake was the most rugged one of all that day! Everyone else achieved artistic finesse, whilst my sharp edges were well, more butter knife then razor blade like. Fear not, I have been working on mastering these techniques since! 💪🏾

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