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Updated: Mar 30, 2020


When Koko Black asked me to create a treat inspired by their winter campaign I first squealed a little; then had Michael Buble singing "chestnuts roasting on the open fire" playing in my head. By the time the generous care package arrived at my door a healthy list of ideas were brimming.

I couldn't settle on one; so here's two recipes for a Wonderful Winter - just add Koko. Which one's your kind of winter treat?

Bright & Spicy

I love crisp, bright winter days; wrapping up in colourful scarves to protect against the chill. This spicy number pairing tart Rhubarb with caramalised white chocolate and a hint of cardomom felt like the perfect fit. Hidden beneath are layers of brown butter cake infused with cardomom, filled with Rhubarb compote and a carmalised white chocolate frosting, smothered in vanilla buttercream.

Dark & Decadent

Then there's the decadence and comfort of short days and long nights. Snuggled up in blankets and indulging in treats as you watch your favourite shows. For this we have layers of dark chocolate almond cake; smothered in toffee cream; filled with pieces of salty milk chocolate cashew crunch and pretzels - could it get more indulgent?



I had so much fun playing with chocolate! I am ever so grateful that Koko Black invited me to be part of this collaboration. Find the Behind the Scenes videos of the making of these cake on my Instagram story highlights - it's nested under Collabs.

Recipes & Techniques

  • For instructions on how to caramelise white chocolate; check out this post by The Merchant Baker. I followed these instructions and it worked like a charm. Just be prepared to dedicate a little time to the process.

  • My inspiration for pairing cardamom and rhubarb came from this recipe by Tassy Bakes. I followed her instructions for the Rhubarb filling, but used lemon juice instead of orange and added a few extra tablespoons of sugar to balance the mix. Absolutely recommend tasting all recipes as you go and breaking the rules when your palette demands it!

  • Brown Butter Cardamom cake - I added some crushed cardamom to this recipe by Preppy Kitchen and used yoghurt instead of sour cream. I made half the quantity for this 4" cake and added 1 tsp of freshly ground cardamom. Do let your palette guide you.

Have more questions about recreating these cakes? Get in touch!

Looking for ways to expand your baking prowess? Join my online Flavour Play Workshop and discover recipes and techniques to transform your treats!


Hero Products

Listed below are the Koko Black products that I used to bring these cakes to life. The Salty Cashew Crunch Milk is my personal favourite - I have not been able to stop eating it!

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