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Serendipity. This is the word that comes to mind when I think of the happy events that allowed me to cross paths with Poonam of The Maharani Diaries and Bhavna of The Modern Desi Co.

So, what do you get when you bring together three women who are proud of their South Asian heritage, love food and are on a mission to showcase the creatives in their community? Well a high tea and fashion show of course! Join Poonam, Bhavna and I on the 24th of November, for an afternoon that celebrates the creativity and flair of South Asian women at 'Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice - High Tea and Fashion Show'.

About Your Hosts

Born in Fiji and bred in Australia, Poonam is a true connector, bringing together couples and vendors to help make wedding planning a breeze. Many years ago, Poonam recognised a need to make the wedding industry more inclusive, enabling South Asian cultural practices to continue in Australia. So she created The Maharani Diaries as a platform to hero all the vendors that help couples bring their wedding to life whilst staying true to their heritage. With a creative eye and flair for event planning, Poonam now offers wedding consultations for couples planning their celebrations.


Bhavna on the other hand is a foodie through and through. She has a deep love and understanding of Indian Cuisine and works to share this with her community through The Modern Desi Co. Upon migrating from India over 10 years ago, Bhavna discovered that the one thing she missed was a good, home cooked meal. This spurred her on a journey to write about her discoveries and cooking exploits as 'Just a girl from Mumbai'. Today, this girl from Mumbai hosts weekly 7 course dinners, bringing you into her home and giving you a chance to learn about the nuances of Indian cuisine as you consume delicious meals made with love.


Then you have me; exploring my identity as a proud Sri Lankan-Kiwi living in Australia. I am passionate about combining flavours and ingredients from all places I call home whilst supporting the small business market place in my community.

Thanks to Instagram and a few stories involving 6 degrees of separation, we came together and the rest as they is history. Connected by our love for our respective cultures, and a common want to redefine what success looks like as women with creative side hustles on top of day jobs; we are on a mission to shine a spotlight on our heritage and the women who inspire us to 'Be' anything.

Together, we want to learn more about this thread that binds us. Will you be part of our journey? Join the conversation and grab a ticket.

Date: 24th November

Venue: Lily's Restaurant & Function Centre

Time: 2:00-4:30pm



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